Navigating New Waters with HPN Global

Meet Bill Fassbender, Vice President of Global Accounts at HPN Global.

Before joining HPN Global, Bill worked a strenuous 80 to 90-hour workweek. Like many of us, he was caught in the cycle of long hours and little personal time, with no opportunity to pursue his passions. However, a fateful encounter with Harold Batiste, Senior Vice President, Sales Operations at HPN Global, set him on a new path. Over a few beers, Harold convinced Bill that it was time for a life-changing move.

Bill Fassbender’s transition to HPN Global was more than just a job change; it was a daring dive into unfamiliar waters. Amid the instability of the pandemic in 2020, many would have clung to their secure employment. However, drained by endless work hours and spreadsheet crunching, Bill yearned for something more fulfilling. Thankfully, HPN Global’s culture of support bolstered his confidence to take the plunge.

At HPN Global, Bill found a company that truly valued relationships—both with clients and within the team. HPN Global’s approach allowed him to deepen relationships with his clients beyond just business interactions. As Bill puts it, “I know their children, I know their dogs.”

One of the most transformative aspects of Bill’s move to HPN Global was the newfound freedom to explore his personal passions. This career shift wasn’t just a means to a paycheck; it enabled him to fulfill a lifelong aspiration of becoming a charter boat captain.

What sets HPN Global apart from other companies, according to Bill, is the genuine support from leadership. He appreciates the accessibility of top executives, even having them on speed dial. “They are there to support you,” Bill emphasizes. HPN Global is a family that respects what you do and how you do it.

Navigating new waters isn’t easy, but with the right support and environment, it’s entirely possible. Bill Fassbender’s journey with HPN Global demonstrates that when a company truly values relationships and supports its employees, the sky’s the limit. Not only did Bill transition from an exhaustive workweek to a more balanced life, but he also found a way to chase his dreams without sacrificing his career.

Are you ready to navigate your own new waters? Consider a career at HPN Global, where relationships matter.