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A Convergence of Hospitality Excellence

Welcome to the HPN Global Masterclass


At HPN Global, we believe in the power of connection, learning, and shared growth. The HPN Global Masterclass is an exclusive event that brings together the brightest minds in the hospitality industry, including meeting planners, hotel and industry partners, and industry influencers. Our Masterclass is more than an event; it’s a curated relationship-building experience that fosters collaboration, insights, and advancement in the hospitality sector.

Why Be Part of the HPN Global Masterclass?

  • Exclusive Networking with Industry Leaders: Engage with a select group of professionals who are at the forefront of shaping the future of hospitality.
  • Curated Insights and Learning: Immerse yourself in specially tailored sessions, gaining knowledge directly from experts and thought leaders.
  • Building Meaningful Relationships: Join a handpicked gathering of individuals dedicated to forming lasting connections that extend beyond mere business interactions.
  • Making an Industry Impact: Be an integral part of a community that’s actively driving positive change and growth within the hospitality industry.

For Meeting Planners: Experience a unique opportunity to discover innovative strategies, explore emerging trends, and connect with potential partners in an intimate, invitation-only setting. The HPN Global Masterclass offers you a platform to deepen your industry knowledge and widen your professional circle.

For Hotel and Industry Partners: Showcase your venue, services, and dedication to excellence among an elite audience. Engaging within this exclusive network of meeting planners and industry experts opens doors to new collaboration opportunities and partnerships.

Express Your Interest: Ready to elevate your professional journey? Whether you’re interested in being part of our future HPN Global Masterclasses or hosting one, we invite you to submit your interest. Fill out the form below, and our team will keep you informed about upcoming opportunities.

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Thank you for considering the HPN Global Masterclass. We’re committed to creating events that foster community, collaboration, and the future of hospitality. Join us, and let’s make a difference together.