Embracing HPN Global’s Founding Values: A Journey of Success and Fulfillment 

As we gear up for our annual partner conference in Tampa this September, we want to share the essence of what makes us who we are.

At HPN Global, our Founder and CEO, Bill Kilburg, instilled a set of values that shape our culture, relationships, and successes. These guiding principles have been the cornerstone of our organization and have empowered us to thrive in the ever-evolving hospitality industry.

Family First: For us, family is everything. We understand that our loved ones inspire us and give us purpose. They are the reason we wake up every morning, ready to conquer the day. Let’s cherish every moment with our families and embrace the significance of their presence in our lives.

Have FUN: We believe that having fun should be an integral part of what we do. As we enjoy our work, it transforms into a passion, and the line between work and play blurs. Our industry is unparalleled in its vibrancy and joy, and we’re grateful to be part of such an exuberant community.

Be Nice to People: In the service industry, genuine connections are paramount. Being nice to people fosters trust and builds lasting relationships. Let’s remember the age-old adage of catching more flies with honey than vinegar, as it rings true in our daily interactions.

Be Passionate and Enthusiastic: Our enthusiasm and passion are infectious. When we embrace each day with a positive attitude, success follows naturally. Passion fuels our drive, helping us overcome challenges and make a difference in everything we do.

Life is all about Relationships: At the end of the day, our connections with others define us. Whether it’s our colleagues, clients, or loved ones, the relationships we nurture matter most. Let’s invest in building meaningful connections that enrich our lives and elevate our business.

Change is our Friend: Embracing change is the key to staying relevant and successful. We’ve proven our adaptability over the years, and it has been a pivotal factor in our growth. Let’s embrace change with open arms and lead with innovation.

Do what you say you are going to do: Reliability and accountability are at the core of our service. Following through on our commitments is essential to our success. Let’s honor our word and build trust through our actions.

Let go of Negativity: Life is too short to dwell on negativity. When challenges arise, let’s address them and move forward. Letting go of negativity empowers us to focus on positive outcomes and embrace the future with optimism.

Take care of your friends: Our team is a family, and taking care of one another is essential. Our leadership stands by your side every step of the way. Let’s support and uplift each other, both in life and business.

Be a “Kid” as much as possible: Laughter and play are essential for the soul. Let’s take time to be carefree, explore new things, and enjoy life’s little pleasures. Embracing our inner child adds joy and wonder to our journey.

Be Grateful: Gratitude is a powerful mindset. Let’s appreciate the people in our lives and the opportunities we have been blessed with. Gratitude grounds us and fuels our drive to achieve more.

Be Kind and Compassionate: Kindness has the power to brighten lives. Let’s extend kindness and compassion to others, as we never know the impact it may have on someone else’s journey.

Join us on this blog as we celebrate these values and the extraordinary people who make HPN Global a beacon of success and fulfillment. Together, we create a community that embodies these principles and paves the way for a brighter future. Let’s embark on this journey of shared passion and purpose, inspiring one another to reach new heights.