Efficient Venue Finding & Superior Sourcing with HPN Global

At HPN Global, we pride ourselves on an effective procurement process that offers our clients substantial savings in both time and finances. At the core of our services is a commitment to providing a highly efficient venue finding solution, engineered to maximize value through notable rate reductions, favorable food and beverage pricing, and advantageous contractual concessions, all while reducing financial risk through well-negotiated attrition and cancellation terms. Beyond monetary savings, our streamlined processes are also designed to conserve our clients’ valuable time.

HPN Global stands apart by eschewing generic industry RFP platforms, which have led to a deluge of what the industry terms as RFP “spam”—a significant issue that has reduced conversion rates for major chains to less than 1%. In response, many hotels have relegated these generic inquiries to administrative staff, often resulting in less competitive rate quotes. In contrast, HPN Global’s personalized RFPs elicit quicker, more favorable responses from hotels, leading to a higher conversion rate and closed business, demonstrating our efficiency and effectiveness in hotel sourcing.

Our proprietary sourcing platform is built on the twin pillars of efficiency and relationship-building between hotels and clients. We advocate for a singular point of contact at each hotel, fostering a long-standing, mutually beneficial partnership that assures priority handling of our queries. This philosophy not only solidifies our purchasing leverage but also reinforces our partnerships at the property level.

Our system’s user-friendly response form enables hotels to submit their proposals swiftly and effectively. With every significant hotel in North America and a majority worldwide preloaded into our system, hoteliers can answer RFPs in under 10 minutes. Thanks to the diligent follow-up by our Senior Sourcing Specialists, we achieve over a 90% response rate from hotels in North America within 24 hours, and virtually 100% within 48 hours—a testament to our system’s efficacy and our commitment to exceptional service.