HPN Global’s 2023 Top Producers Head to Cartagena

At HPN Global, we take pride in celebrating the remarkable achievements of our team members. It’s with immense pleasure that we announce the winners of our prestigious 2023 Presidents Club.

This year, our top performers will embark on a trip to the stunning city of Cartagena. This is the perfect backdrop to celebrate their hard-earned success. The winners and their plus ones will enjoy a luxurious getaway from May 6th to 10th, immersing themselves in Cartagena’s rich history and breathtaking beauty.

Here are our celebrated top producers in alphabetical order:

Brien Arone

Chris Claydon

Cheryl Cipriano 

Loren Einstein

Mandi Graziano

Patrick Halpin

Bill Kaiser

Brynn Mehrkens

Karen Myers

Casey Perez

Jeremy Shaw Wright

Amy Walkowiak

As we celebrate our top producers, we also extend our gratitude to all our partners and clients who have been instrumental in our journey.

Here’s to a year of continued success, growth, and unforgettable experiences in Cartagena!