All 3rd parties are not created equal

I was encouraged by the recent article in M&C entitled “The Power of Third-Party Planners”.  As a 20 year veteran of the industryit is truly refreshing how both clients and hoteliers have grown to understand the power of partnering together.

However, all third parties are not created equal.  Hotels have been tainted by past experiences, and Meeting Planners have been weary of our services for good reason.  Third Party services and benefits have definitely become valued but are not the same.  I am empowered by the knowledge that my services through HPN Global are not like the others and in fact I had a great experience that proved this to me just recently.

A past client joined a new company and after sitting in on a presentation by an unnamed Third Party for the company’s upcoming annual event called me with some questions about the proposal they had received and ask me to review it.   I was happy to do so, as I truly believe in my services and want to be of value to all my clients, past, present, and future.   After reviewing what the other service provider was giving them, I didn’t believe they understood the client’s meeting objectives and were not presenting all possible options.  In fact they had only presented 2 possible options  and the one they were pushing the hardest did not have large enough meeting space to accommodate all the meeting needs comfortably.  I asked if I could conduct a search for them and they said yes.  Within 48 hours I found 16 available hotels.  Five were within the client’s budget and had their preferred dates.  Two had an exceptional meeting space layout for the clients meeting, and neither of those had been included in the other provider’s presentation.

I sent over my findings to the owner of the company.  He was impressed with both how quickly I found the results and the great options so I scheduled site tours with the two top hotels I recommended.  The short of it is one of the hotels fit his vision and needs so perfectly he signed a two year commitment.   He is so excited about partnering with this hotel he is also talking five years into the future.  It is the best feeling in the world when the client is that pleased and an even better feeling when he acknowledges his appreciation for the services I provided my attention to details and understanding of the company’s needs and goals; not just presenting a hotel that could fit his meeting.

It’s more than just a meeting, it’s an experience from start to finish.  When searching for a third party you should look for one that matches your style, needs, and commitment to the project.  There are many to choose from, but some just do it better than others.

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