2015 HPN Presidents Club winners

These 10 people have won an all-expense paid trip for two (April 27-May 1 ) to the gorgeous new Hyatt Andaz in Maui! Amy  Walkowiak Noel  Kalata Joel Kaye Jason Linscott Beth Longnaker Casey Kruer Mark Dallman Mendi Brown Cheryl Cipriano Kristin  Vines Congratulations to all! See you at the beach, toes in the sand and a drink in the hand!The game […]

Bill’s Beach

OK so this is for all our great hotel partners out there, Over the summer I’m doing something I’ve wanted to do for a while — taking a big part of my office and building a “beach” in it to celebrate the HPN entrepreneurial lifestyle !! Sooooooo, if your hotel is at or near a […]

Be Like John

We’ve been remiss in not recognizing it immediately but the company passed a huge Milestone quietly in November of last year. John Murillo became the first person associated with the company to pass over $100,000,000 in life time bookings. Yep that’s right, no typo —- 100 million United States Dollars in rooms bookings by John. […]

HPN Global President’s Club Winners

HPN Global’s President’s Club consists of the top 10 producers for the year.  Each member of this club is awarded an all expense trip to a cool destination somewhere in the world.   Winner Winner Chicken Dinner !! Well actually not actually a “chicken dinner” but an all-expense paid trip for 2 for 5 days […]

Taking the Path Less Traveled

A recent edition of Entrepreneur Magazine presented the following characteristics of an entrepreneur: Tenacity, Passion, Tolerance of Ambiguity, Self-Belief, Vision, Flexibility and Ability to Break Rules. Just starting your own business is a rule breaking action, as only 13% of Americans classify themselves as Entrepreneurs, according to a study published by Babson College in 2013. […]