Maximizing Bookings in the Official Housing Block

To ensure maximum participation in the official housing block, consider implementing the following strategies:

  1. Exciting Raffle Drawings: Encourage bookings within the housing block by offering attendees the chance to win a valuable item through a raffle. Announce the winner on social media to generate interest and attract future participants.

  2. Differential Registration Fees: Motivate attendees to book within the official block by charging higher registration fees for those staying outside the block. Collect hotel names at the registration desk and adjust fees accordingly, encouraging participants to choose official accommodations.

  3. Exclusive Shuttle Service: Promote the convenience of shuttle services solely available to those who book within the official block. Highlight the benefits of easy transportation to and from the event venue, incentivizing attendees to secure accommodations within the designated hotels.

  4. Coupon Booklet or Discount Sheet: Enhance the value proposition for booking in the official hotels by providing attendees with a coupon booklet or a customized sheet offering discounts for local restaurants and attractions. Collaborate with the city or CVB to develop enticing offers.

  5. Negotiated Hotel Incentives: Secure low-cost hotel incentives to advertise to attendees. Highlight perks such as free high-speed internet, complimentary access to health clubs, welcome receptions, and exclusive group rates as rewards for staying within the official group hotels.

  6. Emphasize Benefits of Official Hotels: Showcase the advantages of staying in the official hotels, such as convenient locations and networking opportunities with peers in hotel lobbies or restaurants. Emphasize the enhanced experience and connections attendees can enjoy by being in the heart of the event.

  7. Informative Disclaimers: Include disclaimers in housing materials to educate attendees about the significance of booking in official hotels. Stress the impact on registration expenses and the group’s ability to secure the best hotel rates. Utilize Passkey Event Connector to seamlessly connect registration software to Passkey housing, streamlining the booking process. Leverage email campaigns through HPN Housing to encourage attendees to secure their accommodations promptly.

At HPN Global, we partner with Passkey to provide a streamlined and automated housing process, ensuring a seamless experience for both organizers and attendees.

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