Top 5 HPN Global RFP Sourcing Trends Q1 2021

We are starting to see business come back in a big way!!  These are exciting times as our industry rebuilds!! Here are 5 things we are seeing on our end when sourcing group business to hotels.

We want to set our clients up for success and set expectations accordingly for our associates and clients.  Here are 5 hotel sourcing trends we are seeing so far in 2021.


  • We are currently seeing response times range from 3 to 5 days depending on the market and quality level of the hotels being sourced.  Limited-service hotels, and secondary/tertiary markets are taking longer to get responses.
  • Turn-around time for response to international business is taking even longer.
  • Processing leads and requests same day will be prioritized by arrival date. Groups searching for dates in the next 90 days will be at the top of the list.
  • Hotels are starting to hire staff back and we’re constantly updating our database to reflect current contact information, it will take time as we source each destination to get the current updates reflected. 
  • There is a significant amount of compression from all the Lifts & Shifts that have occurred, thus requiring more hotels than usual to be sourced in order to find appropriate availability. 


Flexibility and patience are going to be key here as we move forward. We are seeing similarities on the contracting side with hotels as well.  If you need any help with your hotel RFP, please reach out to us


These are exciting ‘problems’ to have as our industry rebuilds!!


Desi Whitney

Senior Vice President, Sourcing Operations & Industry Relations