HPN CEO 2021 Kickoff Message

There’s nothing to say about 2020 other than finally it’s over, everybody knows it was a difficult year for all of us and our industry. We all know someone personally affected by COVID but I think we all also learned we have reservoirs of Strength, Persistence and Tenacity we didn’t know we had .

As I always do at the start of the year I put forth the HPN values to help guide us through the next 12 months

Love you all and let’s put 2020 in the rearview mirror and move forward into 2021, I’m sure ready to !!!!

Here are the founding values of the firm.

Family First – for most of us our family and loved ones are why we do this, they are why we get up in the morning and go do what we do, time with them is the most precious thing we have. Hug them every day.

Have FUN – Have fun every day doing what you do. If you enjoy what you are doing, it pretty rapidly ceases to be work, it’s pretty cool to do something every day that you are having fun at ! A lot of people go thru life without ever having that opportunity. We are in the best business in the world ! I’ve never met a happier, more fun  and successful group of people in my life !!

Be Nice to People – It’s a basic fact, People are nice to people who are nice to them, we are in the service business, people buy from people they like ! My mother’s favorite saying was that “you catch more flies with honey than you do vinegar”

Be Passionate and Enthusiastic– Both are absolutely infectious, I put on a positive attitude every day first thing in the morning like clothes, Every day is the best day of my life because I choose for it to be that ! Be passionate and enthusiastic about what you do and success will certainly follow.

Life is all about Relationships – Relationships, Relationships, Relationships ! At the end of the day nothing else matters but the connections we make with other people, people we work with, people we love, people we do business with.

Change is our Friend – It’s another fact, everything changes, We learned that 2020 for sure . We all learned how to adapt and overcome. No matter what you think is the status quo, it is in fact, going to change and increasingly rapidly. The people that can assimilate and appreciate, and perhaps even lead change, are the ones who are successful, the ones who hate change are rarely successful.

Do what you say you are going to do –Business (and our competitors) are full of people that say “yea, I can handle that” and then drop the ball or don’t follow through. Nothing is worse in business than relying on somebody to get something done and then having it not happen, most especially in the service environment. Do what you say you are going to do every time !! Success will follow !

Let go of Negativity – Stuff is going to go wrong, again we learned that last year.  Somebody is going to make you mad, deal with it and then let go of it and move on.  Harboring ongoing negativity hurts you, not them. I’m by no means saying to put up with bad behavior from toxic people, but get over it and realize life is too short. The past is the past, the only things we can affect are in the future. Just get rid of the toxic people in your life.

Take care of your friends –  All our leadership has your back every minute of every day and we all know who our friends are…..  in life and in business,  take care of them and be a good “friend” and they will step up and take care of you when it matters. Let’s make sure we take care of our business partners who have our backs.

Be a “Kid” as much as possible –  I know it is hard this year but its tonic for the soul.  laugh easily and often, run around and play with your kids, set off fireworks, do silly things with your family and loved ones, learn something new every day, cook something you have never cooked before,  just have fun…….. life is short ☺

Be Grateful – for what you have and the people in your life. Many in the country and the world have experienced terrible personal losses in the last year. We are all blessed and lucky to be who we are.

Thanks again to everybody for all your efforts in 2020,and here’s to an new year.

It’s time to move FORWARD and the future awaits !!!!

Absolutely love you all !


William J. Kilburg

Chairman and CEO

HPN Global

13825 N. North Sight

Scottsdale AZ, 85260