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For my hotel partners: As you watch the clock this Friday afternoon, I want you to know that I’m done with my week. Really I was done yesterday, but I’ve been playing defense. I played hide and seek with my kid until 10 this morning and I’m going to have happy hour with my wife around 4. I don’t have a boss, a quota, standup, covering for people that suck… none of it. I have the freedom to make as much money as I possibly can. It will never cap. As long as I have my laptop and phone, I can work from anywhere in the world, and I do. This is the greatest business model in our business and the model that HPN Global follows is so much better than anything else out there. All that said, we are actively seeking new recruits this year and if you have even the slightest interest in learning more, I’ll share my screen with you and show you exactly what this world looks like in real time, start to finish, the whole enchilada (process, money, etc). PM me if you’d like to chat, there is no harm in having a conversation.

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A New Year’s Message from Bill Kilburg

Wow, what a fun ride 2014 was! Here at HPN, we had another great year of record bookings and RFP activity, great new associates and friends, and too much fun — as if that’s even possible! Thanks to everyone who contributed to our success.

As we head into 2015, I want to take a step back and review those basic founding ideas of the company and our culture. Take a look even if you’ve seen them before… It’s a great way to set us all on the right path for our combined success in the new year.

Love you all and let’s go blow the doors off 2015!

The HPN Philosophy

Family first – For most of us, our family and loved ones are why we do this. They are the reason we get up in the morning and go do what we do. Time with them is the most precious thing we have.

Have FUN – Have fun every day. If you enjoy what you are doing, it pretty rapidly ceases to be work. It’s pretty cool to do something every day that you truly enjoy! A lot of people go through life without ever having that opportunity. We are in the best business in the world! Mandi G. is my personal hero on this front!

Be nice to people – It’s a basic fact: People are nice to people who are nice to them. We are in the service business, and people buy from people they like!

Be passionate and enthusiastic – Both are absolutely infectious! I put on a positive attitude on every day first thing in the morning like clothes, and every day is the best day of my life! Be passionate and enthusiastic about what you do and success will certainly follow.

Life is all about relationships – Relationships, relationships, relationships! At the end of the day, nothing else matters but the connections we make with other people — people we work with, people we love, people we do business with.

Change is our friend – It’s another fact: Everything changes. No matter what you think is the status quo, it is going to change, and increasingly rapidly. The people that can assimilate, appreciate, and perhaps even lead change are the ones who are successful. Those who hate change end up working at the post office.

Do what you say you are going to do – The business world (including our competition) is full of people who say, “Yeah, I can handle that,” and then drop the ball or don’t follow through. Nothing is worse in business than relying on somebody to get something done and then having it not happen, especially in the service environment. Do what you say you are going to do every time! Success will follow!

Let go of negativity – Stuff is going to go wrong. Somebody is going to make you mad. Let go of it and move on. Harboring ongoing negativity hurts you, not them. I’m by no means saying to put up with bad behavior, but get over it and realize life is too short. The past is the past; the only things we can affect are in the future.

Thanks again to everybody. Here’s to a fantastic 2015!

Love you all! ☺


2015 HPN Presidents Club winners

These 10 people have won an all-expense paid trip for two (April 27-May 1 ) to the gorgeous new Hyatt Andaz in Maui!

  • Amy  Walkowiak
  • Noel  Kalata
  • Joel Kaye
  • Jason Linscott
  • Beth Longnaker
  • Casey Kruer
  • Mark Dallman
  • Mendi Brown
  • Cheryl Cipriano
  • Kristin  Vines

Congratulations to all! See you at the beach, toes in the sand and a drink in the hand!

The game for 2015 starts NOW!
– Bill Kilburg

Wrapping up 2014 to take on 2015

Really felt the need to share. I am having a relaxing night playing word games with my son, Quinn. Since 2014 is coming close to an end, I can’t help but reflect on the past year. I started the year off with a job that I thought was secure (and let’s face it, I WAS MISERABLE) to taking on an entrepreneur role (that was TERRIFYING). Here I am almost a year a later, and I have such a peace of mind. The fact that I can sit here with my son and just ‘be’ without the stress and pressures of corporate America is amazing. Once you have felt this peace, there is no paycheck that can justify the stress of constantly taking you away from being present with your family, your life, and yourself. Yep, I’m pretty thankful for the blessings (and many did not feel like such at first) that I’ve been given this year. I wish everyone a prosperous and meaningful 2015! I know I’m ready to take on this new year with a vengeance!

Thompson Bennett
Baton Rouge, LA

Meet HPN Global Meeting Services’ New VP

We are very excited to announce another well-deserved promotion! Jil Dasher is being promoted to Vice President of Meeting Services division for the company. In this role, she will have overall responsibility for both the operations and sales of the division. Please join us all in congratulating Jil on an absolutely fantastic job and an overdue promotion!

Learn more about Jil here.

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