Global Meetings Industry Day 2023

HPN Global Celebrates Global Meetings Industry Day

HPN Global is proud to celebrate Global Meetings Industry Day on March 30, a day dedicated to recognizing the significance of professional meetings and events for people, communities, and businesses worldwide. This year’s theme, “Meetings Matter,” highlights the benefits of in-person meetings, such as economic growth, deeper business connections, and the sharing of knowledge and ideas that positively impact society.

Meetings are a crucial driver of the economy and workforce, accounting for 38% of all business travel spending and directly supporting 600,000 American jobs. HPN Global recognizes the importance of meetings in stimulating the economy and supporting small and local businesses. That is why we invite you to join us for the #HPN23 conference in Tampa, where we will bring together associates and top suppliers for a few days of networking, relationship building, and doing business. This conference is the perfect opportunity to meet with like-minded professionals, gain valuable insights, and explore new opportunities in the meetings industry.

On September 7-11, 2023, leaders of the meetings industry will join us in Tampa to share remarks on the importance of this business segment to the region’s economy and the knowledge and relationships that result from convening.

To elevate the #MeetingsMatter theme on March 30, organizations worldwide, including HPN Global, will host events spotlighting meeting locations and suppliers, highlight valuable meetings, post on social media about the power of meetings, engage with elected officials, and turn social media banners blue, the official color of GMID.

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