IMEX American 2022 Recap


‘Some things take a lot of sweat and some tears

And you wonder why you have done it for all of these years

And yet when the project is finally done

You kinda sorta think ‘hey that was real fun’


But it always works out and this year was the case

Where everyone finished with a smile on their face

Meeting new friends, crossing paths with the old

It’s not really about how many things you have sold


It’s always relationships, made better and strong

By walking the floor amongst all the throng

You’re exhausted and tired at the end of the day

But deep down you wouldn’t want it any other way’


An extract from a poem by Kip Horton of HPN Global – it sums up the business driven buzz & connections we hope you felt at #IMEX22


Read IMEX’s full press release, including final numbers, here:

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