HPN21 Hard Rock Los Cabos Full Video Recap

Day 1 of #HPN21 started a bit gloomy, but as the hours rolled on, the weather seemed to clear just in time for our annual team picture. This year we are on the boat and the challenge will be to capture the perfect picture from a drone on the rough seas. The team is getting ready for our partners arrival on Day 2. Everyone is excited to get back to business.

Watch event live feed https://my.walls.io/SOcialhpn21 Contact us for event management opportunities or questions. info@hpnglobal.com

Day 2 The weather has cleared and the day features our HPN Global Associate General Session and team meetings. It’s great to be back together doing what we do, live in person events. The future is looking brighter and you can feel the energy with our team and partners.

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Day 3 and the future is looking bright! We kicked the day off with our keynote speaker, Chris Pan from MyIntent Project https://myintent.org/, which has helped millions of people have meaningful connections through finding their intention. The afternoon was all business, followed by some pool networking and awesome evening reception on the terrace.

Day 4 and the final day of #HPN21 started with some team building charity work to help DQDE, “Dance that Gives Hope”, dqde.org and then we finished with our final night party in true HPN style. Thank you all for attending! Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more updates https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3j_… Questions about HPN Global? Email info@hpnglobal.com hpnglobal.com

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