Create a two-part meeting for wholesalers and employees, including off-site events and give-back initiatives.


Bring targeted content to both employees and wholesalers through meetings and sessions, including information about product launches and a recap of the year’s successes. Create a unique, one-of-a-kind experience featuring the companies own alcohol, and provide employees with a fun, team-building exercise that doubles as an opportunity to give back to the community.


From beginning to end, HPN Meeting Services helped in making this event a success for the client. Registration and a mobile app were created for FIFCO to help make the event process easy going and make event informational readily available. Together with the client, HPN Meeting Services created a fun beer festival event for wholesalers and employees to enjoy. They got to experience local culture while mingling in a relaxing setting, having fun and tasting the different beers FIFCO has to offer. Two additional off-site events were planned for everyone, as well as on-site training and activities for employees.


Attendees all had positive feedback about the exciting off-site events in particular. They enjoyed the beer festival because they got to partake in one of their favorite part’s about the company – the beer of course!