HPN Global Task Force Division

“Your Task, Our Force”

HPN Global’s new Task Force Division was designed to help hotels and hotel management companies fill open hotel marketing and sales positions with short-term, revenue-producing HPN Global associates.

The Task Force will place qualified and experienced HPN Global associates on site at a specific hotel or inside a hotel management company for a short-term contract, typically 30-90 days, at a salary level commensurate with a hotel director of sales.

The associate will solely focus on bringing business to that hotel or property, keeping hotel revenue flowing during a time of transition.

“In today’s economy, there are many reasons for open hotel sales positions, such as management changes, maternity leave, employee turnover, bankruptcy or a bank takeover,” said Bill Kilburg, chairman and CEO of HPN Global.  “Providing these hotel sales and marketing consultants is just another way HPN Global continues to be forward thinking and differentiate ourselves from the competition.”

The Task Force’s mission is to use leadership, experience and relationships to assist our hotel management partners with short-term, revenue producing sales professionals that deliver results.  A sales and marketing consultant can be placed within three to five days of the Task Force being notified of an opening.

Hiring one of our associates means a seamless transition. The only commitment on the hotel’s end is to simply pay a monthly hotel director of sales salary and additional performance fee for whatever the HPN Global Task Force associate books to their property.

“The hospitality industry needs a service like this because they can’t afford to keep revenue producing hotel sales and marketing positions open too long,” said Mark Dallman, director of the HPN Global Task Force.  “We know it will provide value to our hotel partners.”

HPN Global’s network includes some of the world’s top hospitality sales and marketing consultants, and our hotel partners will get to use their expertise and knowledge to help bridge the gap while they are looking to fill the position with a permanent hire.

Essentially, they are getting a revenue-producing, relationship-based HPN “rockstar” without paying the hefty health care and benefit cost that comes with a normal hotel director of sales salary. It’s a win-win for all parties involved.

For more information or pricing, please contact:

Mark Dallman, Director, Task Force Division
Email: mdallman@hpnglobal.com
Phone: 612-432-1397

Carl Johnson, Director, Task Force Division
Email: cjohnson@hpnglobal.com
Phone: 908-303-8686