Coronavirus Meeting Planner Update

You’re Invited: Coronavirus Hotel Contracts

We invite Meeting Planners to join HPN Global CEO Bill Kilburg and Regional VP Mark Dallman on this LIVE video chat to talk about the current state of the industry and a conversation around the Coronavirus and hotel contracts.

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Our Wish For You This Week

For the hospitality industry, last week was one for the history books. Although not one we care to revisit again soon. We saw so many of our colleagues and close friends on the receiving end of furloughs, unemployment, financial uncertainty and hotels closing their doors.

We all need to be two things during this time: Be Strong and Be Kind.

During times of uncertainty we need to embrace the shift, letting go of what we have known and how we have always done things. Uncertainty + Fear = Anxiety. We must learn to uncouple fear from uncertainty to evolve – to embrace the shift.

What we have done up until now is not what we will do in the future. We will evolve by finding new ways to partner and together we will thrive. If we accept the challenge of today and come together to find new ways of working, on the other side we will be stronger than ever before.

Our wish for you this week is that you focus on taking care of yourself and your family. Focus on your strength (you are stronger than you realize) and move through the week with kindness. On the road ahead, we will be refining our plans to support you and our HPN family along with strategies for our collective future success.

“With a warrior heart, square up your shoulders, keep your chin up and keep swinging.”

Be strong and be kind,

Bill Kilburg
Chairman & CEO
HPN Global

A Message From Our CEO: Solidarity & Support

Now more than ever, Relationships Matter. This is impacting you and it is impacting us. Let’s come together in solidarity to support each other during these difficult times.

We’d like to share a few of HPN Global’s founding values:

Family First– for most of us our family and loved ones are why we do what we do, they are why we get up in the morning. Time with them is the most precious thing we have. Hug them every day.

Be Nice to People – It’s a basic fact; people are nice to people who are nice to them. We are in the service business and people buy from people they like! My mother’s favorite saying was, “you catch more flies with honey than you do vinegar”.

Life is all about Relationships – Relationships, Relationships, Relationships! At the end of the day, nothing else matters but the connections we make with other people; people we work with, people we love, people we do business with.

Change is our Friend – It’s another fact; everything changes. We are going to continue to see a ton of that in 2020 for sure. No matter what you think the status quo is, it is in fact going to change rapidly. The people that can assimilate, appreciate and perhaps even lead change are the ones who are successful.

Take care of your friends – Our team is here to support you and the rest of the industry. Remember in life and in business to be a good friend. Your friends will return the favor, step up and take care of you when it matters.

None of us have ever been through anything like this, and I’ve been in the business since 1980. Take care of your family, your co-workers, and your customers. Keep your relationships in the forefront, be kind and nice to everybody in your day… we will get through this together.

Bill Kilburg
Chairman & CEO
HPN Global

Finding Balance During COVID-19 Chaos

It is our priority to consider all the risks involved to your organization and your attendees and provide legitimate, factual information to help you make the best decisions possible.


While there are currently no travel warnings “within the country” in the United States, we recognize corporations are implementing internal travel plans that could impact your event.

According to the CDC, “For the majority of people, the immediate risk of being exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19 is thought to be low.” Read more.


As of March 9, 2020, here are some facts reported from Johns Hopkins University:

  1. What is not widely reported and should be highlighted is that there have been 62,375 recoveries already out of the 111,363 confirmed cases worldwide.
  2. That is more than half confirmed cases.
  3. 80% of all cases reported are MILD.
  4. The most vulnerable are elderly, people with chronic illnesses or compromised immune systems (children have not been widely impacted).


There is massive confusion as to whether or not force majeure can be applied to meetings canceling in the United States. The top questions we are seeing pertain to a declared state of emergency and corporate travel bans.

It is important to understand that a state of emergency provides federal funding, resources and has no direct impact on curtailment of travel. If flights are landing in a state and hotels are open for business, force majeure does not apply. The same follows suit for corporate or organizational travel bans.

HPN Global is committed to taking any necessary steps to support our clients through this conversation with creative solutions for all involved to mitigate expenses.


We are here to support our clients and all industry partners through this challenging time.

Here are our suggestions to be proactive:

  1. Communicate to attendees. What are you doing to help prevent the spread of coronavirus and other infectious diseases in your home, workplace, and events?
  2. Prepare and consider the communication and marketing pieces you are putting into place to ease the concerns of attendees.
  3. Support issues for attendees that arise on-site, whether you are the planner or the hotel, you should have a proactive plan in place.


As a token of our commitment, we are providing you with a step-by-step resource to help manage pre-planning concerns and provide a plan while on site.


Consider all things involved with continuing your event, including the cost of cancellation and the cost to reproduce it. If hosting your event on its intended date is not an option, we can help you “lift and shift”™.

“HPN Global is committed to helping our clients and partners navigate these uncertain times. We are working to find the best solutions and best outcomes for each event and for all those involved. We are aware of the full-scale impact this is having on our industry, and we remain available to you as a resource.”
– Bill Kilburg, CEO & Founder


Arm yourself with legitimate, factual information about COVID-19.

  1. CDC facts about COVID-19
  2. Everything to know about COVID-19
  3. NAEMSP COVID-19 considerations

CDC travel guidances – Updates are ongoing so you have the most up to date information at all times.

  1. China
  2. Hong Kong
  3. Iran
  4. Italy
  5. Japan
  6. South Korea

Sourcing Tip Of The Month: February

Can you believe it is February already?  With the year off to a fast start, here’s a quick update from our Rock Star sourcing team!

RFP System Refresher:
Sourcing Terms and Conditions Review
Our platform requires all hotels to accept our terms and conditions before they can bid. Hotels are not able to update the T&C in the response link on their own – this is completed by the sourcing team.

We recommend that hotel partners reach out to the sourcing team member handling their RFP and tell us what changes need to be made in order to make the terms agreeable. If their request is in line with HPN’s standards, the sourcing team will update the hotel’s link with the requested changes. Then the hotel will review and submit their bid.

The sourcing team will also monitor the availability report to see if hotel partners leave any notes about commission. We use those notes to update T&Cs before we reach out to the associate to let them know the RFP is complete.

When terms and conditions have been altered, a booklet icon will appear in the T&C column of your availability report. We encourage associates to review T&C updates to ensure everything is in order before sending out the AVR to a client.

Sourcing Trend:
The team averaged 46 RFPs/day and sent out over 1,000 RFPs/revisions and expansion in January! The team is staying busy!  We appreciate our hotel partners who respond quickly and thoroughly to our requests.  A quarter of the new leads were short term (under 90 days).

Promotion Alert!
While we are on the topic of T&C and commission – HPN Global provides our associates with an easy place to view hotels/CVBs that are offering additional commission! We have a lot of great partners out there who know that relationships matter!  If you are a hotel and would like to submit a special incentive to attract more attention from our sales team, please contact us and we will add to our list.

As always, please reach out with any questions at all, and have a wonderful week!


Senior Sourcing Operations Specialist

O: 480.998.9770 x 259


Sourcing Tip of the Month: January

HPN Global developed its own sourcing platform based upon efficiency and, just as importantly, to foster relationships between hotels and clients. The company’s philosophy is to have a single point of contact at each hotel so a long-term relationship can be formed, resulting in priority handling of our inquiries. This also allows us to maximize our purchasing leverage and partnerships at the property level. The ease of the system response form allows hotels to submit their bids efficiently. Every group hotel in North America and most globally are preloaded into our system so hoteliers can respond to the RFP in literally less than 10 minutes. The quick follow up process conducted by the Senior Sourcing Specialist ensures responses are submitted in an appropriate amount of time.  Typically, in North America the company’s RFPs have a response rate of 85% within 24 hours and virtually 100% within 48 hours.

Here is a quick HPN Global RFP System Refresher:

The Sourcing team sourced 10k+ RFPs in 2019 and we are looking to grow that this year! We are also starting Q1 off with a bang averaging 45 RFPs a day and rising. So, if you are planning a meeting please contact us first. 😊

Sourcing Trend:

Also, it has been noted at the MPI Luncheon by Amanda Armstrong, AVP of Enterprise Holdings, that there is a huge rise in demand for meetings, but the development pipeline is slowing down. Thus, planners should be adjusting budgets to anticipate higher rates and start booking space/blocks earlier. Just something for our clients and associates to keep in mind moving forward.

This is yet another reason why our sourcing model is so perfect. We can help our clients source more locations and find those perfect holes in any market. We believe that although demand is high and space is limited, if we use our technology the right way, we can find a great spot for any client meeting or event.

Meeting Promotions and Offers Alert!

Our partners are offering some great deals to start 2020 off right! All of which are posted on our HPN portal so that our associates can always make sure our clients are getting the very best meeting offers available for your event dates and requirements. Make sure you contact the HPN Global associate in your area or in the area you are planning to meet to get all the information you need before you engage the property directly.

Senior Sourcing Specialist, Laura Hess

Hotel Sales Tip of the Month: January

HotelSales tip: don’t take my email address and add it to your weekly/monthly promotions email blast list without my permission. It’s unoriginal and doing so signals you don’t respect my time and you don’t have a genuine interest in my business or value my clients’ programs outside of making a transaction.

Instead, find out something about me or my clients and send a thoughtful email after you read an article on that subject (hint: I love baseball). Pick up the phone and tell me anything other than how your ballroom was “recently renovated” and has “flexible meeting space.” Invite me for a “virtual coffee” appointment on Skype to talk about life. Be original and as somebody I respect (David Meltzer) always says, “be more interested than interesting” and you will be exponentially more successful in your sales efforts.

(Edit: To meeting buyers like myself, it’s our responsibility to lower the wall when somebody gets creative and reaches out. If someone makes an effort to really reach you, take the call. Chances are they found you because you buy in their market and if you buy again you have a partner you can contact first who will work to earn your business.)

Agree? Disagree? Comment below👇

Global Account Director, Tony Farina

HPN Global Again Participating in Ragnar Del Sol

The HPN Global Team Courtesy Standards are back at it and ready for the Ragnar Del Sol race from Wickenburg to Mesa, Arizona. Last year as a team, our members ran 200 miles between them. Training is underway for 2020 and the team is ready to crush another 200 miles on Jan 31 – Feb 1. Let’s cheer on this year’s participants!


Presidents Club 2019 Winners

Congratulations to our top performers!  The following HPNers will be enjoying the 2020 HPN Presidents Club trip to Dublin, Ireland.

The hotels that will be hosting and providing service to our Top Performers are Hard Rock Hotel, and Powerscourt Resort and Spa.

It’s The Start Of A New Decade!

2019 was certainly interesting for sure but again it was the best year ever for the company!!!!  The most bookings for a year by far and again currently the largest backlog ever!

Seattle was a kick  (and the weather cooperated LOL)! Back to Cabo this year !!!!! You all should be proud of yourselves and leadership here in Scottsdale and across the country are proud to be associated with each and every one of you. This is absolutely the best team in the business.

It was truly another great year!  Awesome new associates and friends and we are more like a family than ever and too much fun …….. Thanks to everybody!!

So here again are those basic founding ideas of the company, and our culture to set out a basis for our combined success in the new year.

Love you all and let’s go have an absolutely awesome 2020 and a new decade!!!!

Family First – for most of us our family and loved ones are why we do this, they are why we get up in the morning and go do what we do, time with them is the most precious thing we have. Hug them every day.

Have FUN – Have fun every day doing what you do. If you enjoy what you are doing, it pretty rapidly ceases to be work, it’s pretty cool to do something every day that you are having fun at! A lot of people go through life without ever having that opportunity. We are in the best business in the world! I’ve never met a happier, more fun and successful group of people in my life !!

Be Nice to People – It’s a basic fact, People are nice to people who are nice to them, we are in the service business, people buy from people they like! My mother’s favorite saying was that “you catch more flies with honey than you do vinegar”

Be Passionate and Enthusiastic– Both are absolutely infectious, I put on a positive attitude every day first thing in the morning like clothes, Every day is the best day of my life because I choose for it to be that! Be passionate and enthusiastic about what you do and success will certainly follow.

Life is all about Relationships – Relationships, Relationships, Relationships! At the end of the day, nothing else matters but the connections we make with other people, people we work with, people we love, people we do business with.

Change is our Friend – It’s another fact, everything changes, We are going to continue to see a ton of that in 2020 for sure. Given what I hear from the ground most should start to benefit us  No matter what you think is the status quo, it is in fact, going to change and increasingly rapidly. The people that can assimilate and appreciate, and perhaps even lead change, are the ones who are successful, the ones who hate change are rarely successful.

Do what you say you are going to do –Business (and our competitors) are full of people that say “yea, I can handle that” and then drop the ball or don’t follow through. Nothing is worse in business than relying on somebody to get something done and then having it not happen, most especially in the service environment. Do what you say you are going to do every time !! Success will follow!

Let go of Negativity – Stuff is going to go wrong, somebody is going to make you mad, deal with it and then let go of it and move on. Harboring ongoing negativity hurts you, not them. I’m by no means saying to put up with bad behavior from toxic people, but get over it and realize life is too short. The past is the past, the only things we can affect are in the future. Just get rid of the toxic people in your life, trust me its liberating.

Take care of your friends –  All our leadership has your back every minute of every day and we all know who our friends are…..  in life and in business,  take care of them and be a good “friend” and they will step up and take care of you when it matters. Let’s make sure we take care of our business partners who have our backs

Be a “Kid” as much as possible –   laugh easily and often, run around and play with your kids, set off fireworks, travel, and marvel at the wonder of the world, do silly things with your family and loved ones, learn something new every day, cook something you have never cooked before,  just have fun…….. life is short

Thanks again to everybody and here’s to a new decade, new business, new fun !!!!! Let’s go do some epic shit again! (COPYRIGHT #jildasher LOL)

Adventure awaits !!!!

I absolutely love you all!


William J. Kilburg
Chairman and CEO
HPN Global
13825 N. North Sight
Scottsdale AZ, 85260