Alyssa De La Fuente

Director, Sourcing Operations

Alyssa had always been intrigued by the quote, “If you love what you do, then it won’t seem like you’re going to work every day.” So she set out searching for that one thing, which she “accidentally” found with HPN Global in 2011. After landing this fantastic job that gave her the opportunity to explore the hospitality and site selection industry, Alyssa realized: I love this stuff, and I’m pretty good at it. And so, her career-life was forever changed!

Alyssa is passionate about ensuring that each of HPN Global’s clients’ unique “voices” and program needs are heard through an expert qualifying process and that a comprehensive hotel list is compiled on every search led by the Sourcing Operations Team through a proprietary application. The team expedites hotel responses, providing the most efficient process for our Associates and their clients.

Alyssa is enthusiastic about keeping the Sourcing Operations Team and HPN Global Sales Associates up-to-date on industry trends and happenings, and believes in constantly challenging herself and the team to embrace new learning opportunities.

Another passion of hers is establishing strategic, long-term relationships with industry partners, including hotel, convention center, cruise line and CVB sales managers to ensure that the HPN Global brand is positively received and relevant in the marketplace.