How to Attract and Retain Younger Members

As Associations and professional organizations try to keep up with technology, they are also finding that it is even harder to attract and retain the next wave of younger “Millennium” members.  Most of the “Baby Boomer” generation (including myself) grew up on being involved in Associations for education and to develop long lasting relationships.  Today’s generation grew up on the internet, immediate answers, immediate feedback and social media.  Associations and professional organizations need to work on keeping up with the times and with the next wave of their attendee base.

Below are some “tips” that I put together on How to Attract and Retain Younger Members:

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Unique Meeting Venues – Jamaica

SMILE…your meeting is in Jamaica!  Jamaica is on the radar… from tweets at the 2012 CES conference unveiling the brand-new wood crafted home audio docks from Jamaica’s reggae brand, House Of Marley,  to the new Club MoBay airport departure experience featuring Fast Track through customs with a personal escort.  Jamaica is returning as a destination that will impress, especially in the world of conference and meetings. Over the years, the  country of Jamaica has become more sophisticated and is a major player as a valid meetings destination.

Montego Bay

The nation of Jamaica stepping up it’s game as a valid meetings destination.  Without a doubt, some areas of Jamaica are not meeting friendly, however the region of Rose H all is an affluent area of Jamaica, offering a destination that provides convenient airport access, plentiful meeting space, friendly service and a beautiful landscape.

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