Associate Spotlight: Timothy Arnold, Regional VP, International Contract Specialist

“I have been with HPN Global for eight years now, and have loved every single second of my time here. I work with on a lot of international contracts, and have been in over fifty different countries in the last few years. I have been afforded the chance to do things that few others can, enjoying a private lunch on the Great Wall of China, driving an antique Jaguar through Monte Carlo, exploring places like Petra and Machu Picchu, climbing to the top of the Harbor Bridge in Sydney, or walking around Red Square and the Kremlin in Moscow. I love to travel and see new places, and my job is perfect to be able to see the world. The cool thing is that I can do my job anywhere in the world, it is awesome to send out RFP’s overlooking the ancient city of Istanbul or the work on contracts in Grand Tetons, while sipping a glass of champagne.

I also love the flexibility that working for HPN Global offers. No time cards, no monthly quotas, no Monday morning meetings. Having a home office is great, I can spend time during the day with my wife Susan, our ten-month old son Luke, and our four dogs, and still be far more productive than when I worked in an office. When not working or traveling, I love reading, building with Legos, photography, and attending classic rock concerts. I am grateful that I have a job a truly love, amazing co-workers and hotel partners, and awesome customers.”