2021 HPN Presidents Club Winners


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!!!!


Here’s where we are going and here’s who’s on the plane:



2021 HPN Presidents Club Winners

1.       Casey Kruer

2.       Brynn Mehrkens 

3.       Amy Walkowiak

4.       Andre Kraft 

5.       Karen Myers

6.       Brien Arone

7.       Patrick Halpin 

8.       Mandi Graziano 

9.       Cheryl Cipriano

10.     Beth Longnaker and Gary Onorio


You will notice we are travelling with 11, we literally had a dead on tie for the 10th spot so the more the merrier.

Congratulations to all for their hard work and perseverance 😊




2021 is done and the 2022 game starts today !!!!


🍀 We thought we’d change things up a bit for 2022 🍀



The Race is on for a trip to the Emerald Isle, a few pints of Guinness and perhaps a wee dram of Irish Whisky.

Lets go !!!


Love you all,