HPN Global Conference Engagement Recap!

Each year we deploy mobile event app technology for our annual conference. Each year we learn something not only about the technology and how to execute it, but we learn more about our organization, our attendees and how our attendees want to receive information. The thing we have figured out, that with the use of mobile technology, we are able to have a better control of our message and communication in real time.

Some quick ‪#‎HPN15‬ event app stats:

Adoption rate 73%
Total device activations 529
Total unique users 411
Total # of attendees 562
Total # of times the app was opened 31,665
Total time spent in the application 239 hours
Total number of pictures submitted 515
Date of most activations 8/24
Date of most engagement 8/26
Apple phones 72%
Android phones 19%
iPad 5%
Mobile web 4%
Number of messages sent 179
Number of tweets sent 153
Most popular areas of app Agenda, Quick Meetings, Gallery, Messaging, and Twitter in that order.
Access Destination Services, Visit Newport Beach, Host Global Alliance and Hard Rock Hotels were the most popular sponsors.

We did good!

Posted by HPN Global on Monday, August 31, 2015