Wrapping up 2014 to take on 2015

Really felt the need to share. I am having a relaxing night playing word games with my son, Quinn. Since 2014 is coming close to an end, I can’t help but reflect on the past year. I started the year off with a job that I thought was secure (and let’s face it, I WAS MISERABLE) to taking on an entrepreneur role (that was TERRIFYING). Here I am almost a year a later, and I have such a peace of mind. The fact that I can sit here with my son and just ‘be’ without the stress and pressures of corporate America is amazing. Once you have felt this peace, there is no paycheck that can justify the stress of constantly taking you away from being present with your family, your life, and yourself. Yep, I’m pretty thankful for the blessings (and many did not feel like such at first) that I’ve been given this year. I wish everyone a prosperous and meaningful 2015! I know I’m ready to take on this new year with a vengeance!

Thompson Bennett
Baton Rouge, LA

Meet HPN Global Meeting Services’ New VP

We are very excited to announce another well-deserved promotion! Jil Dasher is being promoted to Vice President of Meeting Services division for the company. In this role, she will have overall responsibility for both the operations and sales of the division. Please join us all in congratulating Jil on an absolutely fantastic job and an overdue promotion!

Learn more about Jil here.