Unique Meeting Venues – Jamaica

SMILE…your meeting is in Jamaica!  Jamaica is on the radar… from tweets at the 2012 CES conference unveiling the brand-new wood crafted home audio docks from Jamaica’s reggae brand, House Of Marley,  to the new Club MoBay airport departure experience featuring Fast Track through customs with a personal escort.  Jamaica is returning as a destination that will impress, especially in the world of conference and meetings. Over the years, the  country of Jamaica has become more sophisticated and is a major player as a valid meetings destination.

Montego Bay

The nation of Jamaica stepping up it’s game as a valid meetings destination.  Without a doubt, some areas of Jamaica are not meeting friendly, however the region of Rose H all is an affluent area of Jamaica, offering a destination that provides convenient airport access, plentiful meeting space, friendly service and a beautiful landscape.

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