Associate Spotlight: Timothy Arnold, Regional VP, International Contract Specialist

“I have been with HPN Global for eight years now, and have loved every single second of my time here. I work with on a lot of international contracts, and have been in over fifty different countries in the last few years. I have been afforded the chance to do things that few others can, enjoying a private lunch on the Great Wall of China, driving an antique Jaguar through Monte Carlo, exploring places like Petra and Machu Picchu, climbing to the top of the Harbor Bridge in Sydney, or walking around Red Square and the Kremlin in Moscow. I love to travel and see new places, and my job is perfect to be able to see the world. The cool thing is that I can do my job anywhere in the world, it is awesome to send out RFP’s overlooking the ancient city of Istanbul or the work on contracts in Grand Tetons, while sipping a glass of champagne.

I also love the flexibility that working for HPN Global offers. No time cards, no monthly quotas, no Monday morning meetings. Having a home office is great, I can spend time during the day with my wife Susan, our ten-month old son Luke, and our four dogs, and still be far more productive than when I worked in an office. When not working or traveling, I love reading, building with Legos, photography, and attending classic rock concerts. I am grateful that I have a job a truly love, amazing co-workers and hotel partners, and awesome customers.”

HPN Global Sourcing Tip

When sourcing programs that are for further out years or for International destinations we are noticing a trend in a longer turnaround time. Hotels are taking a bit longer to respond because they are picking and choosing what works best for them for future years now that they can.   The HPN Global sourcing team is still following up with our promised 24-72-hour turnaround time in mind but it is very important to be aware of what we are seeing as a trend in the market.

HPN Global always encourages clients for date flexibility on the front end. With the space availability being so limited in a lot of our top destinations, we are noticing a lot more revisions coming through to check alternate dates. If we have this information on the front end we can cut out a lot of time and provide our clients with the best available options while avoiding a prolonged search.

If you have any questions on the tips above, or would like to activate an RFP with HPN Global – please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you,

JoAnn Stevens
Senior Sourcing Operations Specialist
HPN Global
13825 N Northsight Blvd., Suite 201
Scottsdale AZ, 85260
Phone: 480.998.9770 Ext 242
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Congratulations to Jil Dasher

Hey all, just a note of congratulations on a new title for her as she continues to do fantastic things on our full service side of the business.

We are moving her title from “Vice President, Meeting Services” to “Vice President and Managing Director, Meeting Services” to reflect her ever growing role in the overall management of that area of the company.

Jil continually expands her expertise and knowledge. She has gone from running programs for us to selling Meeting Services for the company to now overall management responsibility for that division. She is thoughtful and enthusiastic on everything she does. She truly and constantly represents the company at a world class level.

Great Job Jil ! – we are thankful to have you as a part of the company

Everybody give up some congrats for Jil !!!

Health Tips For Meeting Planners

There are many factors to consider when choosing which fish to eat, two of which include species (the type of fish) and source (is it farmed or wild caught). These aren’t simple decisions when you consider that the nutritional value of fish varies from species to species, and that each source carries a different potential for contamination, nutrition and environmental impact.

Let’s Have An Absolutely Awesome 2016!

Ok, all, we blew the doors off 2015!  Best month and year in the company’s history by a wide margin and the best conference ever!!!!

It was truly another great year!  Awesome new associates and friends and too much fun …….. Thanks to everybody!!

So here again are those basic founding ideas of the company and our culture to set out a basis for our combined success in the New Year.

Love you all and let’s go have an absolutely awesome 2016!!!!

Family First – for most of us our family and loved ones are why we do this, they are why we get up in the morning and go do what we do, time with them is the most precious thing we have.

Have FUN – Have fun every day doing what you do. If you enjoy what you are doing, it pretty rapidly ceases to be work, it’s pretty cool to do something every day that you are having fun at! A lot of people go thru life without ever having that opportunity. We are in the best business in the world! I’ve never met a happier, more fun group of people in my life!!

Be Nice to People – It’s a basic fact, People are nice to people who are nice to them, we are in the service business, people buy from people they like!

Be Passionate and Enthusiastic Both are absolutely infectious, I put on a positive attitude on every day first thing in the morning like clothes, every day is the best day of my life! Be passionate and enthusiastic about what you do and success will certainly follow.

Life is all about Relationships – Relationships, Relationships, Relationships! At the end of the day nothing else matters but the connections we make with other people, people we work with, people we love, and people we do business with.

Change is our Friend – It’s another fact, everything changes. No matter what you think is the status quo, it is in fact, going to change and increasingly rapidly. The people that can assimilate and appreciate, and perhaps even lead change, are the ones who are successful, the ones who hate change end up working at the post office.

Do what you say you are going to do –Business (and are competitors) are full of people that say “yea, I can handle that” and then drop the ball or don’t follow through. Nothing is worse in business than relying on somebody to get something done and then having it not happen, most especially in the service environment. Do what you say you are going to do every time!! Success will follow!

Let go of negativity – Stuff is going to go wrong, somebody is going to make you mad, deal with it and then let go of it and move on, harboring ongoing negativity hurts you not them J I’m by no means saying to put up with bad behavior from toxic people but get over it and realize life is too short. The past is the past, the only things we can affect are in the future.

Thanks again to everybody and here’s to a fantastic 2016!!!!!


Love you all J




Thank you from HPN Global

Thank you for partnering with HPN Global for your site selection needs. We look forward to working with you to help ensure your meeting is an extraordinary success!

As you have many choices in excellent meeting management firms available, we hope you consider partnering with HPN Global Meeting Services for your meeting management needs. Our management philosophy is simple. We connect people, places, and ideas through meetings, events and conferences. We save our clients time and money while providing world class service. Our culture is to be passionate about what we do and the positive impact we have for our clients, our associates and the community.

HPN Global Meeting Services offer a broad scope of services so your program is customized to meet your specific and individual needs whether full service meeting management or a menu of a la carte services to fill in the blanks as needed. We are constantly improving and expanding our services to meet the needs of our clients.

  • Full or A la Carte Meeting Management Services
  • Fully Customized Registration and Housing Management
  • Destination Management
  • Creative and Theme Development
  • AV/ Production Management
  • Tradeshow and Exhibit Hall Management
  • On-Site and Registration Program Staffing

Please contact our amazing Vice President of Meeting Services, Jil Dasher or (319) 331-5304 for detailed information. Thanks again for teaming with HPN Global!

William J. Kilburg, CPA
Chairman and CEO
HPN Global
Phone: 480.998.9770
Cell: 480.221.6647
Performance Powered by Passion

Health Tips for Meeting Planners

Many people think that working hard, keeping up on technology, and thinking outside the box is all you need to be the very best at what you do. Although the aforementioned is true, lack of energy and clouded thinking will certainly prevent you from functioning at your best.

I equate this to having a cold and not feeling your best while trying to be on 100% of the time for your clients. It isn’t because your not good at what you do, it is because you don’t feed your body correctly. There are so m any things you can do to increase mental acuity, and improve your overall health and it all starts with what you put into your body.

Ever heard the saying you are what you eat? It is a fact that if you eat the wrong foods your body will respond with lethargy, muddled thinking and ultimately in the long run, health issues and adult onset diseases.

So your asking where do I start? Lets start with what not to do, artificial sweeteners, actually artificial anything.

How many of us are really aware of how many Splenda, Equal, Aspartame, Saccharin products are available in the foods we consume? Are you a label reader and do you check how many grams of sugar were added to the item? Was it replaced with an artificial sweetener to be a so called “diet food”? This is a huge mistake most people make thinking that because they replace sugar with a sweetener, they are healthier. Wrong! There is so much evidence of the damage these sweeteners cause to your body, it is incredible that they are still consumed by so many people.

Low sugar or no – sugar items were introduced to the general public to replace the large amounts of sugar in the average diet. Most people are unaware exactly how much sugar and or artificial sweeteners are added to your foods. Trust me that is why the food tastes so good, it is either loaded with sugar or an artificial sweetener.

The easiest way to figure out how much artificial sweetener is added to your food or beverage is to read the label. The largest ingredient of what the product is made from is listed first on the label, then followed in succession the next largest item and so on. Again, be a label reader. It takes two seconds to check the label for amounts of sugar and or artificial sweeteners added to your product. By taking those two seconds to read the label, you are already taking care of your body better than you have previously.

It’s very important to realize the Splenda (Sucralose) is actually NOT sugar, despite its marketing slogan “Made from sugar, so it tastes like sugar.” Rather it’s a chlorinated artificial sweetener in line with aspartame (Equal) and saccharin (Sweet and Low), and with detrimental health effects to match.

Sucralose (Splenda) was approved by the FDA in 1998 as a table top sweetener and for use in products such as baked goods, nonalcoholic beverages, chewing gum, frozen diary desserts, fruit juices, and gelatins. Sucralose is also permitted as a general-purpose sweetener for all processed foods.

Here is what I find shocking….the approval was given after the FDA supposedly reviewed more than 110 animal and human studies, but out of these 110 studies, only two were human studies, and the longest one was conducted for only four days!

There’s overwhelming evidence that consuming artificial sweeteners will likely wreak havoc on your body by causing inflammation. Earlier news had centered mainly around artificial sweeteners’ ability to impair your appetite regulation and leading to weight gain.

However, the study mentioned above, published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, found even further disturbing news besides weight gain with Sucralose (Splenda):

  • Reduces the amount of good bacteria in your intestines by 50 percent (this fact alone is so important as if your gut isn’t right most likely you are have major issues)
  • Increases the ph level in your intestines and affects a glycoprotein in your body that can have crucial health effects.
  • They also found unmistakable evidence that Sucralose (Splenda) is absorbed by fat, contrary to previous claims.

The belief that consuming artificially sweetened foods and drinks will help you to lose or maintain weight is a carefully orchestrated deception. So if you are still opting for diet choices for this reason, you are on the wrong path as these artificial sweeteners will wreak havoc on your system as well as your fitness regimen.

In reality, these diet foods and drinks can cause serious distortions in your biochemistry and ruin your body’s ability to control calories. As a matter of fact, it’s been shown that diet soft drinks can double your risk of obesity.

Nearly a decade ago, studies were already revealing that artificial sweeteners can:

  • Stimulate appetite
  • Increase carbohydrate cravings
  • Stimulate fat storage and weight gain

Unfortunately, most public health agencies and nutritionists in the United States still recommend these toxic artificial sweeteners as an acceptable alternative to sugar. These agencies are wrong.

An alternative to artificial sweeteners is Stevia. It is made from a natural plant source and is extremely sweet. So sweet that you may need to adjust the amount you use in order to get the taste you are looking for. The good thing is that you can pretty much put it in anything.

Please make sure you have 100 percent organic stevia with no fillers or additives as some brands that are currently marketed start out with a natural product but they either process it with chemicals or add fillers. Again, this come back to reading the label before you buy it.

Getting off artificial sweeteners and on to a healthy alternative is paramount to your overall health and can lead to a healthier, happier, stronger you.

What will you reach for now that you know the facts of artificial sweeteners? should you have any question on artificial sweeteners or how I may compliment your organization’s meeting needs, please see my information listed below. Stay tuned for my next tip on healthy protein vs toxic protein sources. or 636-795-5048

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 11.46.43 AM

HPN Meeting Services | October 2015

Let’s Talk About Cvent & Registration

First of all, if I had a dollar for every Associate that asked me how to sell against Cvent’s Registration software, I would not be working here anymore—  I would have taken all that money to buy Cvent.  So, it seems high time that we address this topic.

We do not sell against or use Cvent as a sourcing tool. HPN offers a Registration Service.  Cvent offers a registration software.  Many of our clients have good and bad experiences with Cvent software.  Yes, it is a robust tool but it is very cumbersome if you are not fully certified and experienced in it. Some clients swear by it while others hate it.  But the bottom line is that it is in our market space and the question is going to keep coming up about how our SERVICE is different than their SOFTWARE.

Here is what I can tell you about Cvent that may help you sell our SERVICE solution for clients that don’t have the team depth to dedicate someone to managing their registration.  HPN is experienced in several software platforms giving us the ability to choose the best tool by client and by event.  HPN offers a custom built and fully managed Registration platform for our clients.  That is our service.

Let me repeat this—HPN Meeting Services offers a CUSTOM Built, FULLY managed Registration Service solution that best fits the client and event needs.  Often, we build and manage within the client Cvent account as many have found it is less expensive to hire us to do the work than dedicate a full time person on their staff to do the same.

Our experienced programmers are able to find workarounds in the system to create totally custom sites that can be used for exhibitor registration, event marketing and much more.  If you would like a more in-depth conversation or additional information about these services, please send me an email or reach out to our in house Registration Guru, Angie Spearman at

HPN Meeting Services News

The 2016 Ops Program roster is looking very good for 2016 however, we do have spots open in our calendar that we would love to fill with a few programs. Short term business continues to roll in and we are enthusiastic about the year ahead.  Please let me know if you have a client considering full or a la carte services in 2016— we are here to help.

Until next month, please don’t forget that help is just a phone call or email away!  I look forward to hearing from you.

Jil Dasher
Vice President, Meeting Services
HPN Global
Phone: 319-331-5304