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HPN Global Sourcing Tip

When sourcing programs that are for further out years or for International destinations we are noticing a trend in a longer turnaround time. Hotels are taking a bit longer to respond because they are picking and choosing what works best for them for future years now that they can.   The HPN Global sourcing team is […]

Congratulations to Jil Dasher

Hey all, just a note of congratulations on a new title for her as she continues to do fantastic things on our full service side of the business. We are moving her title from “Vice President, Meeting Services” to “Vice President and Managing Director, Meeting Services” to reflect her ever growing role in the overall […]

HPN Global 2015 President’s Club

These 10 people have won an all-expense paid trip for two to the gorgeous Ritz Carlton Puerto Rico. Here’s the HPN Global Presidents club for 2015 !!!!!

Congratulations to all!

Health Tips For Meeting Planners

There are many factors to consider when choosing which fish to eat, two of which include species (the type of fish) and source (is it farmed or wild caught). These aren’t simple decisions when you consider that the nutritional value of fish varies from species to species, and that each source carries a different potential for contamination, nutrition and environmental impact.

Let’s Have An Absolutely Awesome 2016!

Ok, all, we blew the doors off 2015!  Best month and year in the company’s history by a wide margin and the best conference ever!!!! It was truly another great year!  Awesome new associates and friends and too much fun …….. Thanks to everybody!! So here again are those basic founding ideas of the company […]

Thank you from HPN Global

Thank you for partnering with HPN Global for your site selection needs. We look forward to working with you to help ensure your meeting is an extraordinary success! As you have many choices in excellent meeting management firms available, we hope you consider partnering with HPN Global Meeting Services for your meeting management needs. Our […]

Health Tips for Meeting Planners

Many people think that working hard, keeping up on technology, and thinking outside the box is all you need to be the very best at what you do. Although the aforementioned is true, lack of energy and clouded thinking will certainly prevent you from functioning at your best. I equate this to having a cold […]

HPN Meeting Services | October 2015

Let’s Talk About Cvent & Registration First of all, if I had a dollar for every Associate that asked me how to sell against Cvent’s Registration software, I would not be working here anymore—  I would have taken all that money to buy Cvent.  So, it seems high time that we address this topic. We do […]